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The next scheduled review of this impact assessment is on Thursday 31 July 2014.

Faculty or Service Area: Registrar and Secretary's Office
Name of policy owner: Jan Daley
Original policy document: None.
Creation date: 2007/07/31
Purpose of the policy being assessed:
To ensure that the Counselling Service recruits and selects the best candidates for the role by a fair and equable process.

The policy has been developed and is implemented by the Counselling Service Core Team and has been designed to match those policies, practices and procedures developed for recruitment and selection of paid staff by HRD.

The policy affects all applicants (and potential applicants) for a place on the Associate Counsellor Scheme, all clients (and potential clients) of the Service, the Core Team and University employees.

Customer groups affected by the policy: Staff, Students, General public
Relevant protected characteristics affected by the policy: Gender, Race, Religious belief
Examples of how these protected characteristics are affected by policy with evidence, justification and course of action:
The Counselling Service routinely receives high numbers of applicants from both counsellors in training and post graduates looking for a safe setting in which to develop their practice.

Representation from equality groups is determined by the policies, practices and procedures of the training agencies to a large extent.

Men, some racial groups and certain religions are under-represented in this profession.

a) Equal Opp's monitoring and an audit of the Service was undertaken in 2004/05 for the purposes of QAA assessment.

b) A client audit is carried out annually.

c) A staff audit was undertaken in Spring 2007.

The Counselling Service will propose a joint recruitment and retention project in collaboration with colleagues in Psychological Therapies & Mental Health where initial training is offered. This will encourage applications from under-represented groups.

The current profile of the Service, the applicants for ACS placements, various audit results and anecdotal evidence of the take up for Diploma training indicates that fewer men and limited racial/religious groups apply for training and therefore the pool of people for the Scheme to recruit from is limited.

Fewer men and limited racial/religious groups apply for training and therefore the pool of people for the Scheme to recruit from is limited. The Counselling Service will continue to actively seek applications from under represented groups and will encourage training providers to examine the impact of their own policies et al.

Supporting evidence: None.
Feedback from Equality Forums and other interested parties:
This impact assessment was undertaken in the old system so there is currently no feedback.
1) Equal Opp's monitoring will be carried out routinely

2) An ACS audit will be repeated periodically

Consultation open: Feedback on this impact assessment is welcome, but it is not officially under consultation at this time.
Review date: 2014/07/31
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