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The next scheduled review of this impact assessment is on Tuesday 10 June 2014.

Faculty or Service Area: Registrar and Secretary's Office
Name of policy owner: Louise Allen
Original policy document: None.
Creation date: 2010/06/10
Purpose of the policy being assessed:
To state the University’s academic regulations relating to the assurance of academic standards, the admission of students and admission with credit.

All applicants wishing to join a course of study including those using academic credit.

This policy applies to: 1) All existing students. 2) All staff involved in the admissions process including those from external organisations.

Customer groups affected by the policy: Staff, Students
Relevant protected characteristics affected by the policy: Age, Disability, Gender, Race, Religious belief, Sexual orientation, Socio-economic group (students only), Mode of attendance (part-time or full-time)
Examples of how these protected characteristics are affected by policy with evidence, justification and course of action:
The aim of this section is to provide consistency and fairness to all applicants across the university. There is no evidence that this policy affects any group more or less than the others. A separate complaints procedure exists for those unhappy with the admissions process.
Supporting evidence: None.
Feedback from Equality Forums and other interested parties:
This is the first time these regulations have been impact assessed and the language used has not previously been considered in terms of the various equality strands.

There are also two references to ‘his’ or ‘her’ where a gender neutral alternative could be used instead.

To replace the following words with alternatives: e.g

B4.4.2 ‘she/he’ with they B4.4.10 ‘her/his’ with their

Consultation open: Feedback on this impact assessment is welcome, but it is not officially under consultation at this time.
Review date: 2014/06/10
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