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Welcome to Wikquality Impact Assessment.

This is Leeds Beckett University's online storage and publishing system for equality impact assessments. It is built using the MediaWiki development framework. This system has open access for viewing assessments at our University.

What is an Equality Impact Assessment?

Wikipedia defines an Equality Impact Assessment as "a process designed to ensure that a policy, project or scheme does not discriminate against any disadvantaged or vulnerable people."

At Leeds Beckett we are using impact assessment to 'equality proof' our policies, processes and practices to ensure we don't unwittingly favour, or discriminate against, groups as defined in the Equality Act 2010.

As a public serving organisation we're expected to demonstrate best practice and are committed to looking beyond compliance to continued improvement. Ideally an assessment should be completed in the development stage of new policies and processes to ensure that any equality feedback can be included in good time.

The process is currently assisted which simply means that a member of the Equality & Diversity Team meets with policy owners or nominated impact assessors to assist them in completing the paperwork. The completed information is added to this system by the Equality & Diversity Team but we are working towards making the process more suited to self-completion.

As well as assessing new policies we are working through our existing ones. Completed impact assessments are published on this website. The assessment process is ongoing with 3 years considered to be the maximum time lag between reviews.

If you require further advice on undertaking these assessments or you would like to provide feedback on the impact assessments on this site, please contact the Equality & Diversity Team on 0113 812 7724 or equality@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.

You can download a form for completing an impact assessment by clicking here.

Impact Assessments open for feedback

Impact Assessments coming up for review

Title of policy Name of policy owner Date for review
University Asbestos Policy Paul Riley 2456751.54 April 2014
OFFA agreement Ieuan Ellis 2456809.51 June 2014
The University Research Regulations – Section 1 Matthew Froggatt 2456812.54 June 2014
Academic Regulations – Section C1 - 10 Louise Allen 2456818.510 June 2014
Academic Regulations – Section B Louise Allen 2456818.510 June 2014
Academic Regulations – Section A Louise Allen 2456818.510 June 2014
People Development Policy (staff training provision) Kathy Ashton 2456843.55 July 2014
The students complaints procedure Kathryn Giddings 2456857.519 July 2014
Electronic Application and Delivery of Interlibrary Loans Helen Loughran 2456869.531 July 2014
Associate Counsellor Scheme Recruitment and Selection Jan Daley 2456869.531 July 2014
… further results
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