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Faculty or Service Area: Human Resources
Name of policy owner: Benny Owens
Original policy document: Consultation Doc .pdf
Creation date: 2011/05/31
Purpose of the policy being assessed:
Sets out the process for implementation including the process and timescale for appointed to posts in the new structure.

All current Subject Group Leaders (permanent and temporary) and staff with direct subject group responsibility. (List of staff provided as appendix 2 of the Policy Document).

Customer groups affected by the policy: Staff
Relevant protected characteristics affected by the policy: Age
Examples of how these protected characteristics are affected by policy with evidence, justification and course of action:
In considering the implementation of the restructuring of subject groups there were no immediately obvious indications of any likely disproportionate impact on any of the equality streams.

Data relating to employees who fall under the scope of the review has been collated and analysed. Please find attached the analysis of this data.

Information is not currently collected in terms of religious belief, sexual orientation or gender reassignment and consequently it is not possible to provide a definitive answer for these groups, although there are no qualitative indicators to show that employees’ religious belief, sexual orientation or gender reassignment would affect their progress in the subject group review.

76% of staff involved in this review are aged 45 and over. However, there is no evidence of any positive or adverse impact related to this fact. One potential difficulty identified from previous management of change exercises, which relates to those members of staff undergoing interviews who might be disadvantaged if they had been in post for some time and not acquired any recent interview experience.

There is no evidence of any positive or adverse impact when analysing the data collated on disability. There are currently no staff involved in this review who have declared a disability but for 58% it is not know either way.

It is not anticipated that there will be any positive or adverse impact in terms of the “mode of attendance” stream, as the selection process will disregard an applicant’s current hours of working.

The anticipated timescales for the subject group review have been published in the consultation document. The implementation team will ensure that all staff who come under the scope of the review on planned leave, e.g. Maternity leave, long-term sick leave, annual leave etc receive the same communications as all other staff, and receive opportunities to input their views into the consultation process. Also, these matters will be fully considered in relation to planned interview dates.

There is no evidence of any positive or adverse impact when analysing the data collated on gender or ethnicity.

Leeds Metropolitan University follows a strict panel-based recruitment and selection procedure that has been impact assessed to minimise scope for discrimination.

In order to ensure that all candidates participate in the recruitment process on as equal a basis as possible, staff that are directly impacted by the review will be offered support to assist them with Interview Skills and Written Applications.

Supporting evidence: None.
Feedback from Equality Forums and other interested parties:
No feedback was received.
No recommendations.
Consultation open: Feedback on this impact assessment is welcome, but it is not officially under consultation at this time.
Review date: A review date will be set after all feedback has been received and recommendations have been made and implemented.
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