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Faculty or Service Area: Human Resources
Name of policy owner: HR Quality and Policy Development
Original policy document: RedeploymentPolicyandProcedureJune2011.pdf
Creation date: 2007/06/24
Purpose of the policy being assessed:
To assist employees, designated as redeployees, to secure suitable other employment within the University. This is particularly relevant as an alternative to redundancy. This was devised by corporate Human Resources, in consultation with the recognised trade unions. It is updated/implemented by nominated local managers (the change co-ordinators), supported and advised by Human Resources. Staff themselves also have an important role to play in identifying redeployment opportunities.
Customer groups affected by the policy: Staff
Relevant protected characteristics affected by the policy: Age, Disability, Gender, Race, Mode of attendance (part-time or full-time)
Examples of how these protected characteristics are affected by policy with evidence, justification and course of action:
Generally, the redeployment process works well. However, it needs to be recognised that there will not always be such opportunities and/or there will be a difference of opinion as to the suitability of such opportunities.

At present the monitoring is ad hoc, based on the evidence of redeployment opportunities considered, and success rates. The monitoring needs to be more systematic.

For each management of change situation, we have information on the successful redeployees. However, we do not keep a corporate record of this, we would have to search for the information. Also, we do not keep a corporate record of the opportunities considered.

The record keeping needs to be more systematic.

We consult with the recognised trade union and with those staff involved throughout any change situation, also with managers, particularly in areas where redeployment opportunities are identified.

We have data on gender, age, race (ethnic origin) and disability, where staff have provided this. We must improve on this, and do more to analyse the results. The process is about identifying a match between the redeployee and a suitable position. Self-selection (interest in the position) is a key element. The statistics could raise concerns (eg more men than women redeployed) but this doesn’t mean discrimination has taken place. However, we should not be complacent and need to consider the evidence further. We need to improve on the record keeping (the basic data is there) and to monitor throughout and on completion of the change process. Corporate Human Resources to be responsible for improved monitoring. Developing a common (and compulsory) template for data collection and recording would help.

Supporting evidence: None.
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Review date: 2014/08/25
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