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All feedback is welcomed from internal and external sources. Please email your comments to l.m.wilson@leedsmet.ac.uk.

Faculty or Service Area: Student Services
Name of policy owner: Alison Egan
Original policy document: None.
Creation date: 2007/07/31
Purpose of the policy being assessed:
Disability Support procedures are in place to ensure that students disclosing a disability are not disadvantaged when they approach Disability Support for support or guidance.

Procedures are designed to ensure that the Disability Support team are able to follow a consistent method in their dealings with service users. This ensures a consistent yet responsive level of service to each user based upon the user’s identified needs.

The policy was developed by the Disability Services Manager in consultation with members of the Disability Support team.

These procedures are endorsed by the Director of Services to Students.

Customer groups affected by the policy: Students
Relevant protected characteristics affected by the policy:
Examples of how these protected characteristics are affected by policy with evidence, justification and course of action:
The procedure operates at main Leeds Met sites and also at Harrogate College in respect of disabled Higher Education students. The member of the Disability Support team there follows the procedure and reports to the Disability Services Manager. A regular team meeting ensures that procedures are monitored and reviewed. Team meetings are held monthly.

The tables in the supporting evidence (download below) represent the numbers of students declaring a disability for each faculty within the University. In addition the number of students claiming Disabled Students’ Allowance is also shown. The procedure is in place to ensure that all the students represented below receive the support and guidance they need.

It is not anticipated that this procedure has any adverse impact. Consultation takes place with disabled students through the University’s Disability Action Group.

We anticipate that the procedure will actively encourage members of all communities to access support for any disability or impairment. Complaints and any delays in students receiving their support are investigated and appropriate action is taken to ensure this does not happen in future.

There is no adverse impact anticipated with the procedure.

Supporting evidence: Disability Support Procedures.pdf
Feedback from Equality Forums and other interested parties:
Feedback on this impact assessment is still being recieved - please email your thoughts to l.m.wilson@leedsmet.ac.uk.
It is planned to gather further data from Disability Support users to ensure the needs of all disabled students are being met.

This data will be collected through feedback questionnaires issued to service users.

Consultation open: Feedback on this impact assessment is welcome, but it is not officially under consultation at this time.
Review date: A review date will be set after all feedback has been received and recommendations have been made and implemented.
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